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Overall Ideation

UX Researcher

UI Designer

About the Project

Weaze is a mobile application that collates your travelling needs in one location- from booking services, deals, transportation way finding, reviews, and even connecting them to locals in the place. It hits the balance between spontaneity and planning.

Problem Statement

Travelling and all the preparation it requires isn’t always a breeze for most people. It involves a lot of planning, booking, research, etc. Also, security is one of the crucial considerations when travelling.


There are already similar apps in the market. One of the challenges was to focus on a specific pain point. And based on user research and pinpointing needs, security is the greatest concern when travelling, especially when alone.

Competitor Analysis

User Personas


I made a way to connect the traveller to their loved ones back in their home country by automatically sending them notifications when certain checkpoints happen (i.e. taking a car from the rental place, checking in a hotel, boarding flights, etc.)

High fidelity prototypes on XD



You can't really have too many things in one application. It is better to focus on a specific pain point and solve the problem well than putting in too many features the users are not going to use.  

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