Green Switch

Datacomp Hackathon, Collaborative


UX Researcher

UI Designer

About the Project

Green Switch is a mobile application that allows users to know how much carbon footprint an item has- making them more eco-conscious when shopping. The app has a saved data of pre-scanned bar codes from partnered groceries. Users would just need to scan the barcode, and the app automatically gives out the information about its material components.

Problem Statement

Most households are not aware of what they are buying simply because there is no easily accessible information about a product's material components. 


We had a big team of 20 solving the problem of making people more eco-conscious when buying, not to mention in a span of 48 hours. We spent brainstorming overnight and kept changing ideas because of different opinions.


We decided on focusing on a single problem rather than adding too many features. Instead of focusing on coming up with a solution, we as a team collaborated to understand the problem first. And that's when we got to the "Eureka" moment. 


We as designers could sometimes be so attached to a particular solution that works that we tend to disregard further improvements. One of the characteristics I've built working on this project is being bold. Not being afraid to ask further questions, seek for improvements and make changes even when it's hard.

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