Speculative Design, Uni Project


Overall Ideation

UX Researcher

UI Designer

About the Project

Diagee is a speculative design, a personalised virtual healthcare assistant with artificial intelligence, designed to help monitor health and replace conventional doctor’s appointment by taking someone through a consultation- wherever, whenever, without interpersonal barriers.

Problem Statement

Most people find a trip to the doctor’s office to be nerve-wrecking for a number of reasons. From language to cultural barrier, intimidation or embarrassment, and even simply fear. These problems lead to either patients brushing off the symptoms or the doctors end up with insufficient information from the patient.


People still finds that a human-to-human interaction is more reliable than a machine diagnosing them. Even though Diagee is a highly functioning AI device, there is still a gap when it come's to trustworthiness between machines and humans.


I had to reframe and redesign it in a way that doctors will still have a part in the diagnosis. So I step backed and designed it in a way that the tests and assessments are done with the device and the results will then be directly sent to the GP for final diagnosis. GP to patient contact will start from this point and will still cut out unnecessary visits to the hospital. 


Human knowledge and human touch is vital to consider in design decisions especially when it comes to designing for the health care industry. Having a person's presence makes the service more reliable and trustworthy.

This device is designed with every person's needs in mind- the wanting for control through personalisation, the convenience of it being use whenever and wherever, and the portability of it.

© 2020 by Dannah Soriano

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